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Caldecote Academy Forest School

How does our Forest School work?

The Caldecote Academy Forest School is a crucial part of our curriculum. Every child takes part in Forest School sessions every week and, over time, will participate in many of the following activities:


Firelighting Den building Natural art
Knot tying Wood carving Campfire cooking
Plant identification Problem solving Bushcraft




Unlike classroom lessons, children are not necessarily expected to complete certain tasks; they are able to choose other things to do. Forest School provides children with exploration opportunities and allows their creative freedom to expand. Children will be taught how to use tools such as peelers, knives, saws and drills as part of their learning.


Our Forest School is set in our extensive grounds but mostly in our 'Friendship Forest' which has developed from flat grass to a wild, natural area for children to explore.


How is progress measured?

There are no tests or exams in Forest school. Personal development is very much the ultimate aim here. Teaching children to be able to reflect on their progress and ability is a key way in which we measure 'progress'. We carefully observe individuals and groups of children and record how they interact, work together, solve problems as well as work independently. These observations identify how a child is progressing in their own personal development socially, spiritually, morally, physically and culturally.


Forest School Awards

Caldecote Academy Forest School has developed its own award system for its children so that they are able to achieve higher levels of success during their time at the school. There are 4 level of achievement; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Children complete challenges, tasks, activities and have to demonstrate certain skills and values to meet the criteria for these awards. These in turn feed into the Caldecote Academy Personal Development Awards which is another way in which we measure progress in our school curriculum.