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Our Changing World (Autumn 2021)

What is the theme about?

The main foci of this topic are Science and Geography, particularly the following areas of study:

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals including humans
  • Evolution and inheritance
  • The Equator
  • Hot and Cold countries
  • Rocks and soils
  • Global Warming
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes


The learning related to this theme is distributed across both Key Stages and EYFS. Each child will study this topic 3 times over the course of their time at the school building on their prior knowledge and skills. 



For further details on our curriculum for Autumn 2021, please see curriculum overview and progression documents.


In our work on rocks and soils last year in Key Stage 2, and our subsequent quarry visit, it became very clear that our children have little understanding of our Earth, how it works naturally and the dangers it faces.  It also became clear that the children have little understanding of how digging underground can help us to find out about our past. 


We want our children to understand how archaeology is used to find out about the past and why this is important. This is particularly important in relation to the study of evolution and how the creatures on earth have adapted in respect to the changes our world has been through.


In order to develop and grow into responsible citizens who are future fit, the children need to understand about renewable energy and why its development is so important.  In order to understand this, the children need to have an understanding about fossil fuels and how these are made.  This will help them to recognise how they are running out and what can be done about it.  This topic will also encompass recycling, reducing and reusing as a way of helping to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.


During this topic, the children will learn about different soils and how climate and soil around the world dictates where and how food can be grown.  They need to have an understanding of where our food comes from, beyond that of picking it up in a supermarket.  We have a lot of farmland in the area and it would be useful for the children to understand what can be grown here and why.  This covers ethical farming and fair trade.  This will help the children to see economics and supply chains for our goods.  We will also be able to demonstrate how waste has an ecological impact.


When earthquakes have been on the news, the children have shown concern, but not really demonstrated any understanding as to what has happened or the scale of damage.  By exploring earthquakes and volcanoes, the children can be more aware of the severity and danger of these.


We want our children to demonstrate respect for the environment, both locally and globally.

EYFS overview for Our Changing World