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School Parliament

Our School Parliament is in place to allow every child in our school to have a voice. Our School Parliament is made up of two children from each year group. Each member has been elected by their classmates as someone who they think will be able to make a difference and represent their school in a responsible and positive way.

Our School Parliament have an active role within the school and meet with Miss Whiterod on a regular basis. During these meetings the children discuss any problems and suggestions they have collected from other children. We discuss things such as fundraising ideas, behaviour problems and school events.

At the start of the year our School Parliament voted on a charity to support over the year. The charity for this year is Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) which is an important and special place to some of the children that attend our school.

As well as supporting GOSH the School Parliament asked the children to 'wear spots' for Children in Need, raising £73.05. On the 24th March 2017 the children had 'funky hair' for Red Nose Day. We raised an incredible £71.00. This is enough to buy a child who lives in extreme poverty and who has lost their parents to Ebola with everything that they need to go to school for a year. It will also pay for a test and treatment that saves the life of a child with malaria in Africa.