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The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum (for years 1 to 4) is followed to develop a balanced academic education matching the needs of our children through a variety of teaching methods. These include whole class, small groups and individual teaching sessions.

We are very excited to offer the “Inspire Curriculum” along with the other schools in the Biggleswade Community Union of Schools (BCUS) which is innovative, rich and varied and allows for children to be excited about their learning. This policy is strongly supported by schemes of work for:-

            Core Subjects

·         Maths

·         English

·         Science

Foundation Subjects

·         Art and Design

·         Computing

·         Design Technology

·         Geography

·         History

·         Languages

·         Music

·         PE

·         RE


We use half termly summative Assessments to support the formative approach and recognise that these are only a snapshot of understanding taken at a moment in time.

We have a structured and systematic tracking system to ensure each child is making progress.

Our teachers and teaching assistants use regular formative assessment through monitoring our children’s performance in class and the work they produce.  Personalised targets are available for each child so that he/she knows how they are doing and understands what they need to do to improve.