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Our Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Christian Vision

The vision of Caldecote Church of England Academy is the central element that underpins everything that we do. It is fundamental to our core principles and values. 


'Together, through a values-based Christian Ethos, we are on a learning journey where everyone can flourish. We show respect to all and provide an inclusive environment within which nurture and growth go hand in hand.'


We aim to achieve this by:


  • providing opportunities for all to flourish
  • having high expectations of everyone in our school
  • respecting everyone
  • promoting the well-being of everyone in our school
  • being motivated in our learning journeys
  • Living God's Love as a part of every day


Our Christian Ethos

Our Christian Values underpin and motivate high expectations of us all and together they create a learning environment that promotes respect, honesty, trust, friendship and forgiveness, providing an opportunity for everyone to flourish and achieve their full potential. Guided by our motto 'Caring' and the Diocese of St Alban's motto of 'Living God's Love', a culture of nurture and growth is created.


The Creation Story

Our vision and ethos are inspired by the Creation Story from Genesis Chapter 1 verses 1-31. It inspires us to recognise that learning is a journey and that in the beginning children require the fundamental foundations in order to flourish. The world could not support life without the sky, the sea, land and light just as children cannot grow without a supportive and nurturing environment. As children learn, they develop new skills and abilities which they will need to be successful in life. Our school aims to provide that nurturing environment that supports every child's learning journey providing them all with the opportunities and experiences they need to continue their journey when they leave Caldecote Church of England Academy.