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Public Sector Equality Duty

We are committed to the equal opportunity of all individuals regardless of gender, race, background, age, sexual orientation or disability. We believe that all individuals have the right to be treated with respect and afforded the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise. The Christian environment at Caldecote Church of England Academy is one which we believe will nurture learning at every level. This is equally true of children and staff.

This duty applies to all individuals who form part of the community of Caldecote. This includes children, staff, teaching and non-teaching, parents and governors. All are a valuable asset to our school and deserve our respect as human beings.

Equality Objectives

  • To promote justice, equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all and thereby allow all pupils, irrespective of their ethnic origin, to achieve the level of success and self respect which they deserve, whilst retaining their cultural identity.

  • To establish an environment where school becomes effective in reducing prejudice and raising self esteem.

  • To prepare children for living in a complex multicultural society.

  • To promote an understanding of a variety of cultures, valuing the positive contribution these make to the community, and to recognise that the pupils themselves are often the most important multicultural resource within the classroom and their experiences of festivals, food, dress are to be valued and shared.

  • To provide a safe and welcoming place for all of its members.

  • To provide an environment where racist assumptions, attitudes and behaviour are continually challenged.

  • To provide a curriculum, which emphasises the positive aspects of all cultures and gives children the confidence that racism can and must be eradicated.

  • To support the Local Authority and the Trust in its multicultural and Anti-racist policies, and to take the appropriate action to deal with any form of racism within the school.

  • To adopt the view that cultural diversity is a positive advantage.

  • To contribute towards imparting a sense of citizenship to its children.