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The Caldecote CE Academy Curriculum

Caldecote CE Academy

Curriculum 23-24


During 2023, we reviewed our curriculum provision to ensure that we are providing the best learning experiences for our pupils.  We have adapted our themed approach and have decided to use Cornerstones Curriculum to enhance our provision.  Cornerstones forms the basis of our curriculum that we believe will encourage our children to be enthused and excited, challenged, supported and developed in order to flourish.  We aim to develop a life-long love of learning and a keen interest in developing their own knowledge further.


Cornerstones Curriculum is a creative and thematic approach to learning that is mapped to the Primary National Curriculum to ensure that we have a comprehensive coverage of the national expectations.  It is delivered through a range of projects, (Imaginative Learning Projects) which provide a range of exciting and motivating learning activities that build on previous learning and make creative links between all areas. The curriculum is designed to support the children in using their imagination and to apply knowledge in a range of different contexts.  It provides learning challenges that require children to problem solve, apply themselves creatively and demonstrate their learning across the curriculum.


Cornerstones Curriculum also provides a rigorous essential skills framework that outlines expectations in all subjects for the end of year. 


From curriculum monitoring, we recognise the need to build cross curricular links to enable the children to apply their knowledge in a range of contexts.  Our children need to access knowledge and experience of the wider world so that they can develop the building blocks for becoming successful citizens in their adult life. Cornerstones Curriculum supports us in achieving this aim.

The curriculum is designed to ensure coverage and progression as well as providing our children with a range of experiences and transferable skills.  We aim to raise the children’s aspirations and develop a sense of pride in their achievements.  We want every child to find and develop their own personal strengths and interests.


Our curriculum is dynamic and designed to be adapted to the needs of our children.  Staff are encouraged to make cross curricular links to that children can use their knowledge across a range of different subjects and how this relates to their everyday and future lives. Cornerstones Curriculum makes age related expectations very clear and supports the acquisition of knowledge and skills, appropriate and relevant to the age of the children.  Subject specific vocabulary is taught and children are required to use it, demonstrating their understanding. Classroom environments demonstrate the learning and are used to support the children’s recall and use of the knowledge and skills that they learn to promote quality thinking and reasoning.



We use a range of strategies to review learning, the impact of the teaching and the impact of the curriculum content:  pupil voice, tracking attainment, sharing good practice, showcase events for families, book looks and lesson observations. Using these strategies, we are able to see the impact upon learning and continue our development journey by highlighting areas for improvement.