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Please use this page for support information for you and your family.

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As we all know good mental health is paramount to be an effective member of society, to achieve and to reach our potential.  The pandemic and other challenges have left many people facing problems that they thought they would never have to address. Poor mental health can affect anyone at any time in their life and there is no stigma attached to seeking help. In fact it is a sign of real strength to ask for help when we need it.

Below you will find links to some organisations that can give advice and support to those who feel they might just need a little extra help for themselves or someone they are worried about.

Our door is always open and we will be happy to listen to anyone who feels they would like to ask for support or advice.

Our Senior Mental Health lead is Mrs Lesley Hulbert, but feel free to approach any member of our team for support. If they are unable to help you directly they will sign post you to someone who can.

Here are some short videos which offer advice and support.



Has your family experienced a bereavement? Are you wondering how to support your child?

Please look at the websites below for support.

Relationship help and advice

Help for when your children are feeling under the weather:

Support for weight management - Are you struggling to help your child to eat healthily and to get enough exercise?