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The Rainbow Flag Award

Caldecote CE Academy has a strong commitment to inclusion and the ways in which it celebrates diversity through; our Values Education Programme, Religious Education and our curriculum that celebrates the diversity of all groups within our community. 

The Kite Trust has come together with partner organisations (The Proud Trust in Manchester, Allsorts in Sussex and DISC in the North East) to run a project under the Government Equalities Office, via the Department for Education. Titled the Rainbow Flag Award, it enables schools to effectively combat and prevent homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying.

This links directly with our RHE policy which can be found here. 

The Rainbow Flag Award, will encourage a whole school approach in order to help tackle HBT bullying.

Schools that take part in this project will have help to meet:

  • Their legal requirement to ensure LGBT inclusion in schools;
  • The Ofsted requirement for them to be effective in tackling HBT bullying.
  • Their moral requirement to meet the needs of LGBT young people, given the wealth of evidence showing that LGBT young people are still disproportionately affected by mental health issues and teen suicide. 

Curriculum links for Inclusion and Diversity

Feedback about our curriculum

"I've heard that it is wrong to be gay but I don't think that is right as everyone can be who they want to be."


"I now know what it means when someone is transgender."


"I really liked And Tango Makes Three.  I loved seeing the penguin family all together."


"I know people who have two mums and they both love my friend and look after them."


"It was really lovely to see a whole range of books about people with differences out on display at the show case event.  My child talks about the book Tacky the Penguin and how he is not different to them.  I am really pleased that the school is highlighting people's differences and celebrating them." Parent


"Now I know the words that we can use when we are talking about LGBTQ people, and feel that I'm not going to cause offence."  Staff member


"I really enjoyed reading Uncle Bobby's Wedding.  It is nice to see books that show different families that care for people and each other and we talked about different family make ups."


"We know people who are in same sex relationships and I'm really glad that those relationships are being talked about and included within the curriculum."  Governor