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Explorers (Spring 2024)

What is the theme about?

The main foci of this topic are History, Science and Geography, particularly the following areas of study:


  • Oceans and Continents
  • Map Skills
  • Geographical features of countries
  • Locating Countries
  • Magnetism and Forces
  • Local history



Explorers have enabled us to find out more about the world and the universe, both through historical exploration of the globe and developing modern explorations in the universe and within technology, to name but a few.  Our children are going to explore new places as well as exploring their own local environment to find out more about where they live. Key Stage 2 will explore the lifestyle and culture of the Ancient Sumer civilisation and Key Stage 1 explore their local area and find out more about their own village whilst Early Years will begin to explore their local area by visiting the local farm and exploring what we get from a farm. 


 This theme enables us to work with our children to develop their ideas on self-ambition, on self-awareness, on not ‘settling’ for what they achieve on their first attempt but developing this into something more.  We aim to encourage our children to develop their skills to become leaders, developers and changers of the future, by enabling them to understand their past and their present.