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Gemini Class

Welcome to Gemini Class

Welcome to Gemini class. Our class teacher is Miss McLoughlin.  


Autumn Term 2021


 In spring Term 2 we will be having an Explorers Day! This is where the children can dress up as an a Famous Explorer such as Neil Armstrong, Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, Gertrude Bell, Amelia Earhart or Isabelle Eberhardt to name a few. They could bring in an object used by explorers too. This will be an adventurous day full of explorering and engaging with knowledge about explorers in from the past. The date of this fun day is TBC.

Spring Knowledge Organiser for Gemini Class

Espresso is a great online program for research, games and knowledge

for children. 

Maths websites › Key Stage 1


Phonics websites

lots of information and guidance for parents/carers

a selection of interactive games for all phonic phases. Mostly simple games.

a great selection of games that link well with games in Letters and Sounds.

printable resources for each of the Letters and Sounds phonic phases, also links to games aligned with each phase.

Activities for all phases

Phonic game with choice of difficulty (some HFWs, some vowel blends, very varied)bitesize

Make any words with this useful game.magnetic

Useful page which demonstrates pronunciation of all sounds