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Polaris Class


Welcome to Polaris Class, where we have years 3 and 4.  Mrs Campbell is the class teacher and Mrs Shaw is our teaching assistant. 

We have a great year planned with the introduction of the new curriculum and are very much looking forward to learning new things.

P.E. is on a Monday afternoon.  Please ensure that you have the full, correct kit in school.

Forest School sessions will take place on a Tuesday afternoon.  Please make sure you have appropriate clothing and footwear. 


Kagan Cooperative Learning

We are using the Kagan Co-operative Learning Styles which will be rolled out to the rest of the school during the course of the year. We have specifically designed seating plans which are changed regularly to encourage further teamwork and co-operation between the children.  We use methods such as Round Robin, Rally Robin, All Record, Mix Pair Share and Timed Pair Share.  We will introduce new strategies throughout the year.


Our Class Skills

As a class, we devised a list of personal skills that we think we will need as we grow, learn and develop.  These are on display in our classroom and we regularly discuss which of the skills we will use for a variety of tasks.  These include determination, resilience, courage, confidence, conflict resolution and patience, to name a few. The children are able to explain which skills they are using and why these are important in particular tasks. 

Cooperative Learning


At the beginning of this academic year, we took the children to Kidzania in London.  The purpose of this visit was to give the children the opportunity to see other jobs that they could look into.  One of the intentions in our curriculum was to open the children's minds and to widen their horizons.  Many of the children came back from Kidzania with different aspirations such as radio presenter, journalist, app designer, online game designer, paleontologist and veterinary surgeon.  


Our Changing World

Our first theme of our new curriculum is Our Changing World.  In this theme, we will learn about how things in the world have changed.  This includes changes in the Earth's surface - mountains and volcanoes; how food changes as it travels through the human body (digestion), rocks and soils and living things and their habitats. 

We will also be learning to use a range of sketching pencils.  We will be learning about the different marks that the pencils make and how to use these to best effect when creating pictures of volcanoes.  We will be using papier mache to create volcanoes and we hope to make these erupt!

How Our Food Changes as it Travels Through the Digestive System

In order to learn about the process that food goes through in its journey through the digestive system, we made our own version of digestion using bread, bananas, cola and tights!


This term we are learning about Explorers.  We will be looking at Captain Cook, Christopher Columbus, Walter Raleigh, Amelia Earhart and Hernan Cortes.

We will also be looking at the Ancient Mayan Civilisation and the Aztecs and how the Aztec civilisation was changed by the arrival of Hernan Cortes. 

As part of our DT work, we will be looking at Aztec designs and sewing our own Aztec bags.  


Useful websites for this theme: 





Our music curriculum is being delivered through Charanga. This term we are finding out about and singing Blackbird by the Beatles and then going on to Bill Withers, Lean on Me.

The children will receive their own login details to be able to access Yumu (Charanga) at home.  This means that the children will be able to try to listening, appraising, performing, composing and improvising at home.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.