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Polaris Class


Welcome to Polaris Class, where we have years 3 and 4.  Mrs Campbell and Miss Tomlinson are the class teachers and Mrs Evans works with us too. 

We have a great year planned with the new curriculum and are very much looking forward to learning new things.

P.E. is on a Friday afternoon  Please come to school in your kit.



Kagan Cooperative Learning

We are using the Kagan Co-operative Learning Styles which will be rolled out to the rest of the school during the course of the year. We have the government guided seating arrangements and are using as many strategies as we can within this. We use methods such as Round Robin, Rally Robin, All Record, Mix Pair Share and Timed Pair Share.  We will introduce new strategies throughout the year.


Our Class Skills

As a class, we devised a list of personal skills that we think we will need as we grow, learn and develop.  These are on display in our classroom and we regularly discuss which of the skills we will use for a variety of tasks.  These include determination, resilience, courage, confidence, conflict resolution and patience, to name a few. The children are able to explain which skills they are using and why these are important in particular tasks. 


This term, we are working on a range of different themes.  These include:  Movies Week, St George, VE Day, Fairtrade, Aviation Week and Wildlife Week, to name a few. 


Census 2021

Just before the Easter break, we linked our work to the National Census.  We learned about why the census is needed and what the information is used for.  We decided to carry out our own census of traffic in the village.  Using the data we collected, we wrote letters to our local councillor about changes that we would like and why.  At the beginning of the summer term, we were very fortunate that Councillor Frank Firth came to talk to us about our letters and the ideas we had.  




Movies Week

In Movies Week, we looked at how film has changed over time.  We watched a short clip of Charlie Chaplin's, 'The Lion's Cage' and used our own facial expressions to retell the story.  We also looked at a more modern film, called Wonder. We used this as a starting point for discussing differences between us and what we can be proud of.  The children now take stickers home saying what they have done that they are proud of.  


St George's Week

We looked at the story of St George and talked about fighting the dragon being the fight against what is 'wrong' in the world.  We then looked at the rules of Heraldry, using the English Heritage information, and created our own shields that are reflective of our own personalities.  This is an important skill in helping the children to identify their own positive strengths. 

Gardening Week

In Gardening Week, we made seed balls to throw into our Forest School area.  We read instructions and followed them and are looking forward to throwing them!  We researched butterflies and bees as the seed balls are designed to attract them.  We found out that these are important pollinators and we learned about how pollination happens. 

We also made use of old plastic bottles, to make our own mini greenhouses in which to grow some strawberry plants which we are really looking forward to taking home!

Inventors Curriculum Knowledge Organiser Spring 2021

Our Blue Planet

Our first theme of 2020 - 21 is Our Blue Planet.  We have had a lot of fun with this theme.  We have learned about the 7 continents, we have learned how to find places in an atlas and have extended this to working on co-ordinates in maths.  We have learned about the Amazon Rainforest and the causes of deforestation.  In this, we also learned about Brazil - we looked at Rio de Janeiro and the favelas and compared the areas to Upper Caldecote. We have used our internet safety skills to research animals that live in the rainforests and how they are being affected by the loss of their habitats.  We have learned about the different parts of flowering plants and dissected some lilies to find the stamen, stigma and carpel.  We have also learned about different types of pencils and how these can be used to sketch a lily.  We have conducted experiments on seeds to help us to find out the amount of water and light they need in order to grow.  We have also made good use of our new laptops for research and to learn about programming in Scratch.  

Here are some photographs of Our Blue Planet adventures.



Our music curriculum is being delivered through Charanga. This term we are finding out about and singing Blackbird by the Beatles and then going on to Bill Withers, Lean on Me.

The children will receive their own login details to be able to access Yumu (Charanga) at home.  This means that the children will be able to try to listening, appraising, performing, composing and improvising at home.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this. 





At the beginning of academic year 19-20, we took the children to Kidzania in London.  The purpose of this visit was to give the children the opportunity to see other jobs that they could look into.  One of the intentions in our curriculum was to open the children's minds and to widen their horizons.  Many of the children came back from Kidzania with different aspirations such as radio presenter, journalist, app designer, online game designer, paleontologist and veterinary surgeon.