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Our Blue Planet (Spring 2023)

What is the theme about?

The main foci of this topic are Science and Geography, particularly the following areas of study:

  • Seasonal Changes
  • Plants
  • Brazil
  • Weather
  • Rainforests
  • Land use patterns
  • Climate
  • Human impact on the world


The learning related to this theme is distributed across both Key Stages and EYFS. Each child will study this topic 3 times over the course of their time at the school building on their prior knowledge and skills. 





Our learners recognise that humans have an impact on the world but need to develop their understanding of what they can do about it, individually and collectively, locally and globally. By helping them to understand the world outside of Upper Caldecote, they can begin to recognise that their actions, however small, can contribute to global impact. They also need to be aware of the global issues and what their future holds.

This was particularly noticeable during the KS2 topic of Brazil, where we looked at the rainforest and deforestation where the children didn't really recognise why this was such a significant issue for the whole world. 

With an increase in global population, it is important that the children recognise that we all have a responsibility to look after our world.

We also chose to change the name of this theme from The Blue Planet, to OUR Blue Planet, to give the children a sense of ownership and responsibility. 

This topic also supports the SIAMS aspect of awe and wonder as it promotes asking questions and appreciation of their world.